The billionaire Koch brothers’ war against Obama : The New Yorker

24 August 10

lOuting these “Kansasans”

These brothers have made a lot of money. They want more. They need outing and chastisment, but how do you chastise this much “speech”?


Economic forecaster: ‘Greatest Depression’ coming | Raw Story

21 August 10

Add this to Krugman and Roubini

We’re screwed. Politicians in it for the glory and the money. A privleged class that never has enough. Hope you have a place to homestead, grow food. We are all goin to need something…

And we wonder why??

21 August 10

Portion control….now that’s the ticket

Hype again

21 August 10

Anything to get the base stirred…a base that watches Fox and thinks a good read is a comic book.

A conversation and a blog

17 August 10

I wish I would have said this.

I had a short conversation with a fund raiser for Obama the other day.

Points I made.

1. Take me off your call list.
2. I don’t appreciate being thrown under the bus by Obama and company. Yes I voted for him, no I am not blind to his decided turn to the right vis a vis coporate america. You ran on principles, you are governing with the money.
3. No I won’t give my resources to the beltway crew. I will support true progressives.

Good news!!

17 August 10

The Democrats and Republicans agree on tax cuts for us all….

well if all is not including those that make more than $200k. They really like the grey tax cuts: After all if you make a million, why would you not want $97000 more per year. That will keep them out of poverty!

No jobs, No spending, No economy

8 August 10

Some employers are finally realizing that sending jobs overseas is a short term bottom line “fix”. What many have said since the Corporatist of industry began sending our jobs overseas to benefit the stock holders, but not the economy, is finally apparent to some of the hardest heads in America: That if you reduce your cost at the expense of jobs, sooner or later no one has money to buy your goods. You than have to reduce cost more, less money in the economy, less goods sold and around we go. See this story. It is just a trickle but if Americans aren’t employed, who is going to keep the rich, rich?

Well, so much for low taxes and growth

8 August 10

The 1-2% of the population that is represented by the current bosses of the republican party want the rest of us to believe that reducing taxes is important for growth. The data presented here shows the lie as it really exists. The rich only pocket the money and don’t spend the excess they save from “tax relief”. The game the play seems to be the one who dies with the most wins. But if you have a truly progressive tax policy, the money is spent by the government for infrastructure projects etc. People get hired and MONEY IS SPENT growing the overall economy. This rising tide does lift all boats!

From DailyKos post by Keith Pickering

Global Warming

1 November 09

 All of us lead lives that are rich and productive because of science and scientist.  Though not infallible, it is my experience that when a vast majority of educated people look at scientific data for a long time from a variety of perspectives and come to similar conclusions, it’s because there are no other explanations.  Global warming is one of those issues.  The people who are denying that the earth is warming because of reversible human activity are doing so as an attempt to maintain the status quo and protect their financial  interest.  They are corporations and corporatist who’s agenda in life is self interest and not that of community interest.  The irony is that if they’d embrace the need to change, there are a multitude of entrepreneurial opportunities to make a fortune just sitting there that are a result of this crisis.  But they are lazy and ensconced in their positions.   Possibly because they are the inheritors of  their status and not the generators of  their status, not entrepreneurs?

So along comes yet another study validating that this time is different!

We probably don’t have much time and we still haven’t picked the low hanging fruit.  We still sell incandescent light bulbs.  Our vehicles still get, on average, much less than 30 mpg and we know how to get 40-50 now.  We still have an antiquated electric grid and let the corporations continue to drag feet over fixing it.  We still allow coal power plants to be planned for and built.  All of these are easy fixes and the innovations involved in fixing the above examples would lead to jobs.  The truly hard part is convincing the developing world they need to do their part.

Our recent trip to Germany was an eye opener.  Wind and solar (Solar in Germany!!!) was everywhere we went.  Why?  Because of political courage.  They took on the corporate interest and forced the issue.  I guess their politicians do what they are elected for, the public good, and don’t dance to the money on a string that happens here.

And don’t even get me started on health care…..

Thank God I’m a Country Boy

26 May 09

With thanks to John Denver, his tune has been running in my head this weekend.  I’ve been on call, an easy one so far, so GaiaGarden and I decided to stay close to the homestead for the duration.  It has afforded us a chance to catch up on some things, but for me, it let me appreciate the place I live.

Saturday, we woke to the sound of the birds in the yard.  With all the feeding we do, there are always birds here.  The standouts, as the sun comes up, are the robins and cardinals.  The dove soon join them and we now have both mourning dove and ring necks dove to serenade us.

After a leisurely wake up, shower and food, we headed to the farmers market.  Flower garden plants and meat were the targets.  A new booth had both lamb and goat available, some a little of each was procured.  The organic chicken was purchased and last a stop at the new pasture fed beef operator.  If you are not up on the many advantages of pasture fed beef, I invite you to look here.  There were also sweet potato starts to be had and we did!

After we got home, we began to work in the yard.  I built a new raised bed for additional room to plant things.  While outside, the ring neck pheasant were sounding off and several quail called all day long.  The temperate weather and blue sky’s must have been infectious as down by the stream 2-3 barred owls were talking to each other through out the day.  Earlier this spring, we had a tom turkey gobbling just across the road for a couple of evenings. 

Today, much the same happened, but I watched the purple martins feeding above the house for some time.  Just can’t attract them to the house I set up for them, but in time, I still have hopes they’ll move in.  The blue birds were in the dead cottonwood tonight, feeding on insects in the front prairie.

I could have been on a golf course or a beach with 2000 of my closest friends.  Instead, I got to spend the whole weekend on our piece of prairie and enjoy what it has to offer.  Thank God I’m a Country Boy!